I had a little time tonight to download and install FarCry 5.0.0 to play around. I mainly just wanted to see how it worked and what all you can do with it. It seems a lot of people complain that it is too complicated. I guess I'll see for myself.I read through the installation instructions online first, and then downloaded the zip file. Over 11 megs zipped! That's pretty big. I uploaded the zip to my server and ran the unzip command. A chown and chmod later I navigated to my subdirectory only to receive a big error message. "Your IP address ( is not permitted to access the install directory." The cfthrow provides a detail message that tells you how to rectify the problem, but the default ColdFusion error screen does not show the detail message, so fat lot of good it does you. A quick Google and I was on my way. (I added my IP to the application.cfm file in /[projectname]/www/install/Application.cfm) There was a pretty clean installation wizard that walked me through the basic steps. I created my datasource ahead of time. I wish it had given me a list of my datasources in a dropdown, but I guess that would have required the CF Admin password to use the Admin API. Also, I don't remember being asked for the username to the default user it created for me. Personal pet peeve-- the login screen doesn't place focus in the username field. It could also remember the last user you logged in as. There is a "forgot my password" feature. That's pretty nice. There's some weird CSS thing going on in IE7 that's making my page jump when I hover over the link though. Oops, there's also a broken link. The Login link seems to have forgotten I did a subfolder install. Well, it looks promising. There's a bunch of features floating around in here. I've already hit a couple errors though. Also, I'm not quite following the "quick zoom" menu under the site tab. When I click on "hidden" I get "utility", and when I click on "rubish", I get "trash". I do like the pretty context menus that are used. Well, it took about 4 tries and some guessing, but I finally got a test tab added to the site. I don't understand why my new tab shows up UNDER the Home item in the tree, when it displays at the same level as the home tab on the design. I also don't understand why after selecting "create" > "Navigation" I STILL had to re-choose "navigation" in the "Type webskin" drop down. Didn't I already tell it? And what in tarnation is a webskin? That drop down is a little scary right now, but hopefully I'll figure out everything in it later. Hmm, the search feature included on my default skin doesn't appear to do anything. When I click search I get redirected our of my folder to the top most /index.cfm. Oooh, I like the security stuff. It looks pretty robust. Truthfully, probably too much for a lot of people, but that's fine as long as you can just use the pieces you want. One thing I've noticed, some of the admin pages aren't very snappy. I don't know if my server is just getting bogged down or what, but some of the pages in the site admin take a second or two to pop up. Well, off to bed for now. I'll report back as I poke around some more to see what I can figure out.