A twitter user named @JesusFreak84 pointed out that Cloud9's web-based editor service didn't support syntax highlighting for CFC files. Cloud 9 is a pretty cool concept.  I gave it a try and after just a few clicks, I logged in via GitHub, cloned a repo and was editing my code in their web-based editor.  It's pretty slick-- except for the fact that it needs some CFML love.  After a bit of digging I found this bug Mike Henke put in back in 2012 but it never really went anywhere other than a lot of "me too!" votes.

Cloud9 lists ColdFusion as a supported language and it seems it may have come through this pull request to their Ace editor from Russ Spivey which was amended Abram Adams in 2014.

CFM pages seem to work ok, but something's still amiss with all CFC files, either script or tag.


I entered an issue to try and resolve it:

CFML CFC support #2305

 Cloud9's CFML support does not recognize the CFC extension (ColdFusion Component). CFCs can have tags in them like this:


or FULL script like this version of the same component:


I also reached out on Twitter and @C9Support quickly sent me back some links to get started.

Please Help

Ok, this is where you come in.  We had a great response last year when I asked the community to help get property CFML script on GitHub.  I might try to look at this, but I'm up to my neck in CFClient right now so I'd love to get some collaboration on this.  Please comment here or on the ticket if you have a chance to look at this.  It may only be a few minutes worth of work to associate with .cfc files.