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QueryParam Scanner- You've got no excuse now

ColdFusion, Security, SQL, Technology
This April, Peter Boughton put a little tool on RiaForge called QueryParam Scanner. It does what it says and that means you have no excuse not to batten down the hatches on that old code you've got swept under the rug. It also meant I didn't have any excuses either, so I gave it a run tonight.
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Should Centaur have a CFScript version of every tag?

My last post about my structparam function had me thinking about what tag stuff you can't do in CFScript without writing some sort of wrapper function. I know from the CFUnited keynotes Adobe has some kick butt CFScript stuff up their sleeve. I know this is probably a can of worms, but what's the chance they would go all out and give us a CFScript equivalent for just about everything from sending mail to cfquery?
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My cfscript version of cfparam

ColdFusion, Performance
Some time ago while working in cfscript I had the need to cfparam a bunch of variables. I was building an XML document out of form fields and a number of the fields wouldn't always exist. At first I made a simple UDF to encapsulate a cfparam tag, but it this code was inside of a loop that beat it over and over again before it was finished and performance just wasn't cutting it. The culprit as it seemed was scope hunting.
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Understanding HTTP- Part 1

ColdFusion, Technology
Many of the low-level technicalities of our life go on right under our nose without us really understanding their inner workings. You drive your car everyday, but do you understand how an internal combustion engine works? You keep your milk cold in the fridge, but do you grasp the physics of why Freon absorbs energy when it becomes a gas? As a mere user, deep understanding of the things you use is generally not necessary, but if you build or maintain one of these systems you had better know what goes on under the hood.
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Movie Review: WALL-E (Sort of...)

Well, it's been so long since I've been to the movies I seriously can't remember the last one I saw in a theatre. My 2 1/2 year old daughter loves movies but has never actually been in a theatre before. My wife-- well, she just wanted to get out of the house. That being as it was, we headed out last night to take a gander at the new Pixar flick, WALL-E.
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Confessions of a speed junky: How I made my code faster

ColdFusion, General, Java, Performance
The past couple of days I've been messing around with a couple functions, cleaning them up a bit to blog about them. One of them is for color-coding SQL and the other for highlighting differences in two strings. Both are pretty small, but very repetitive in what they do. Depending on the size of the text you are processing, performance varied. Sometimes the code inside was repeated hundreds of thousands of times given a large enough test.
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Put down the keyboard and step away from the computer

ColdFusion, General, Java
Research shows that driving while extremely tired renders the same results as driving drunk. Following that same line of though, is coding while sleep deprived the same as writing your code in a drunken stupor?
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Does grammar at its peak, pique your interest? Take a peek.

For those of you that like to be as grammatically correct as possible, read through this guide to common grammar blunders. I enjoyed it. Franklin's Grammar Cheat Sheet
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Check out new info on Adobe Flex 4 "Gumbo"

Flash, Flex, Technology
Check out the juicy details here: One new item of interest is the new incentive program. The first two people to get 10 approved patches to the open source Flex project will get their way paid to Max!
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No Cookie For You: Second Solution

ColdFusion, Java
I have a solution that I have gotten working locally to rid my ColdFusion logs of the annoying "Cannot create cookie" errors. For those of you just joining us, Teeps blogged it, Jochem explained it, I took a stab and it and failed, and now I'm back for round two. I apologize for blogging this so much lately, but once I get a good puzzle in my craw, I just can't let up until I've solved it.
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