If you haven't seen it yet, Adobe announced their "official MAX NA Experience website" last week. It has session, speakers and event details. Ben Forta himself is in a humorous little video for which I have provided a quick screen shot of here. My favorite part of the site is the "Interactive Flash Landscapes". After the page loads, click outside of the main content area, and you will be able to interact with the landscape behind. There are three landscapes you can play with. The first is a storyboard following a little character appropriately named "Max", who is is trying to build an "AIR" ship with the help of PhotoShop "Cave Painters", Flash "monkeys", and Flex "Robots". The analogy was almost more than I could bear. I do wish there had been some ColdFusion "scientists" or something to help out with his project though.     Click to enlarge The second landscape is an eerie iceberg scene with swooping, flashy colors. If you click on all the icebergs, the ice crystals disappear and you will be visited by the "Big Spaceship" creature who bears quite a resemblance to the abominable snowman. Click to enlarge The third landscape is a lonely dessert scene with three musical cacti which invite you to play a little game of Simon. At each level, the landscape becomes a bit more green and the cacti continue to grow colorful (and musical appendages). Once you finish the game a Blitz logo swoops down like a spaceship. Click to enlarge From my Googling, Big Spaceship and Blitz. appears to be companies that have used Adobe technologies to do cool stuff. Well, there you have it. I hope, unlike me, you have a benevolent employer who will be paying your way to attend Max. Let me know if you are interested in the "Send Brad Wood to Max fund"!