Well, now that ColdFusion 9 is officially out the door (it's still hard to believe), have you thought about what you want to ask Santa for CF10? We're going to double digits, baby-- so it'd better be good! Yeah, I know-- who do I think I am? Honestly, I still feel like a kid after Christmas with enough new toys to keep me busy for a while. Even so, I can't help but wonder what's in store. Once again, I have found clues in Adobe's own words via the latest version of the ColdFusion Evangelism Kit. Back in September of 2008, Kristin Schofield released the first ever Adobe ColdFusion Evangelism Kit. Inside of it was a road map for ColdFusion's future. Centaur was slated for 2009 and there was a version referred to as Sully to come out in 2010 and one called Link to be released in 2011. I pointed them out in this blog post and Ciqala Burt pointed out that Sully might just be the 9.1 release which would make sense since Adobe has been sticking to a 2-year cycle for major releases. Well, I dug up the latest version of the CF Evangelism Kit which is dated 9/15 /2009 (about a month ago) and noticed it had been updated. Sully has been removed and is nowhere to be found. (Sorry, old chap) Furthermore, Link USED to list the following:
  • Language Extensibility
  • Pluggable Architecture
  • Improved Reporting
Link NOW boasts a different set of plans:
  • Cloud Services
  • Next-generation Ajax and HTML
  • Rich Media
Interesting. Speaking of interesting-- there's a new bird on the horizon too: Storm is shown after Link and boasts the following:
  • Data
  • Deployment
  • Collaboration
There no dates on Link and Storm now-- they simply say "FUTURE". I don't know about you, but I can't wait :) So what about you? What do you want to see ColdFusion do next? Here's a couple suggestions to get you started;
  • Video Manipulation/Encoding
  • Audio Manipulation/Encoding
  • Automatic upgrades/hotfix installs from the Administrator (like Webmin)
  • Enhanced Query of Queries (LEFT OUTER JOIN, string manipulation)
  • Upgraded J2EE platform (JRun has been out of development for a while now)
  • Built-in object factory/DI like Spring
  • Super-cheap "light" version
  • Additional Performance gains (CF8 and CF9 have kicked butt so far in this area)
  • Pre-built cloud AMIs
  • Adobe ColdFusion on the Google App Server
  • What about you? What do YOU want out of CF10?