This is a really cool feature of ColdFusion 8 that I had totally missed but I stumbled across an article on Ray Camden's blog today. (Thanks Ray!) Basically, you can modify your ColdFusion Administrator menus to include custom tools of your own choosing. Several pre-built ones out there including SpoolMail, a nifty util to re-copy your undeliverable mail back into the spool folder; and Cache Clearer, an easy way to clear out specific folders of trusted cache.With the Admin API, there is really no reason why you couldn't make a custom page of all the settings you used the most on one nice dashboard screen. Very cool. Here's the next level though-- I want to be able to make changes to multiple servers in a cluster at the same time. Of course, that's really an entirely different topic, but I'm curious if anyone out there had dabbled with it. I'm thinking of a dashboard feature where you would register all of your production servers together in once place, and then add a data source across the board in one step, or turn off trusted cache on all serves with one click. Is there anything out there like that? I know it would be possible if you wrapped your Admin API in a secured web service.